Board of Directors
Chairperson - Paul Garcia
Vice Chairperson - Margarito Trujillo
Secretary - Nancy Reeder
Board Member - Joanne Perez
Board Member - Velma Menchaca
Board Member - Roxanna Godinez
Board Member - Roger Stolley
Board Member - Gerry Garcia
Board Member - Marielsa Pulido
Board Member - Shelby Rivera
Board Member - Gloria Gonzalez-Pena
Board Member - Daniel Tamez
Administrator - David Perez
Care Giver Liason - Marlene Benavidez
Care Giver - Sara Alaniz
Care Giver - Antonia Haro
Care Giver - Aya Kone
Care Giver - Sandra Linares
Care Giver - Silvia Mendoza
Care Giver - Alma Moreno
Care Giver - Kassandra Ramos
Care Giver - Laura Salgado
Care Giver - Luis Zamora
A Letter From The Administrator
Dear Comfort House Family, Friends, and Prayer Warriors,
As the Administrator of Comfort House Services, Inc., I am truly overwhelmed with heartfelt sincerity and thankfulness for what many of you and others have been doing for our organization.  As quickly as time passes us by, your continuous efforts, donations, and prayers are many reasons that keep us going and providing the services that we provide.  One thing always does remain true and the same regardless of how time is passing us by - our mission is to continue to do what we can and provide a place for individuals to spend their final days on this earth in comfort, peace, and dignity.  Race, color, religion, financial status, and everything else does not play a part in what we do and who we care for.  What matters the most is the support we receive from all of you and our communities to care for the dying.  Many of us stay focused on what can come and go in this life, but it is also important to focus on why we are here for the short time we are granted.  Live. Love. Help others.  Always put God first.  The legacy we all leave in this world will far more be remembered for our unyielding acts of kindness.

David A. Perez